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The Growing Global Security Threat that is ISIS


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria once considered a “junior varsity team” by the leader of the free world, now seems poised to spread its terror to the rest of the world. It has already managed to destabilize the Middle East and caused repercussions that are still being felt all over the world. Here is a brief insight into how ISIS threat to the world.

ISIS as a Security Threat.

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The terrorist group’s propaganda machine has done an excellent job of spread fear and terror to the world through social media and affiliated websites. It has often shown videos of its brutal killings and tortures that it conducts in the Middle East, making the region the most insecure one in the world.

It has also managed to breach security agencies in developed countries like France, U.S.A., and Belgium. France has been the victim of several terror attacks: the mass shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices; vehicle ramming around the Paris, stabbings, and beheadings. Belgium has also witnessed some shootings and busted terror cells planning to carry out more terror attacks.

However, the real world security threat lies in the foreigners that have left their countries to fight for the terror group. Not only have they received extensive weapons training but they have also been radicalized perhaps beyond rescue, considering the zeal with which they commit their atrocities. Some of these foreigners have managed to make it back to their home countries, and it is feared that they may carry out terror attacks against their own people, as evident in Belgium.

Some security agencies are now raising fears over ISIS’s accumulation of weapons of mass destruction, and the group’s leader has intensified his threats to countries like U.S.A., Britain, France, and even at the Pope.

Economic and Social Threat

d67f8g9hThe civil war in Syria has contributed significantly to the refugee crisis, but ISIS has considerably added to the problem. Many refugees, primarily from Middle East countries like Syria and Iraq, are flocking European nations in their thousands on a daily basis. Reports further show that the number of asylum seekers has more than doubled since 2013.

This large number of refugees has placed a huge toll on their hosts’ finances, to say the least. What’s more, the question of how the two groups from totally different cultures and societies can co-exist. This has caused an uprising from European citizens like the PEGIDA movement. What’s more, the migrants have been shown to be a social threat as evidenced by the rapes and muggings that occurred in Germany during the New Year’s Eve.


The ISIS threat to the world seems to grow bigger every passing day. The targeted bombings conducted by the U.S.A. led coalition have not deterred the group’s growth, and there is a need for a more effective military approach.…