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Six Benefits of Using Gmail to Send Fax


A few years ago fax machines reigned supreme in office communications and almost replaced the telephone as the preferred choice. In spite of the newer and faster trends in communication, the fax from Gmail, has been rejuvenated to accommodate the digital age and has jealously guarded its niche as the most reliable communication gadget inside the office. But innovation moves with the speed of light and every day the communication industry will unveil a new trend when least expected.

Benefits of sending fax using Gmail

1. All You Need Is a Gmail Account

Developed and owned by Google, it has overtaken all other free emaisdsdfdsfsfl services and become the largest service in the world. It has been embraced by individual users as well as corporations.

All that is needed is an account. A huge benefit is an ability to combine it with other Google tools like Google Maps. Google Drive and also Google Calenders. This enables you to save money by not switching accounts for everything you do.

2. Automatic Conversion

The ability to convert the many types of files to a fax image format automatically.

3. Easy to Use, Faster, and Affordable

If you got fed up of papers jamming in the fax machine or got enraged by a ceaselessly busy line, it’s time to sigh with relief! Google is offering an affordable, faster and secure way to send and receive faxes. Stopping to use paper has been commended by environmental agencies because it saves trees.

4. Portability

You no longer have to get stuck in an office waiting for an actual feed of paper. Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, you can receive and send faxes through your phone. It’s also a free service thus saving you time and money.

xvxvxvxcvx5. Clarity and Quality

Say goodbye to ink cartridges. Gmail faxing service sends and receives a high quality and superbly clear documents. No scanning is necessary as you only have to send documents from your computer’s hard disc, thereby retaining the color and clarity.

6. Your Virtual Fax Number

Google has always respected privacy and hence the need to allocate a virtual fax number to every user. Gmail has worked hard to create many features that support its faxing technology and has ensured that it benefits both personalized correspondence and corporate fax. All you need is an email address and an account to access their fax service.…